untitled - a cosmic story
linc. 25. australian. cosplayer. amateur photographer. rabid OTP shipper. part time fangirl. full time student. again. likes all the pretty. yay. beware: multifandom blog of hysteria. taking requests for fic/headcanons/translations/anything! come talk to meeee <3

currently cannot get over: snk. agents of shield. pacific rim. hannibal (nbc). star trek (tos & reboot). hobbit (movie). avengers (mcu). green lantern.
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so I may have bit of a shopping problem. um.

a lovely friend shipped all this pr stuff over to me after allowing me to use her state-side address ahhhhhh.

the last is a picture of my phone cover, customised by the amazing STEPH <3 I am rolling in country pride rn you do not understand